Insights from the Field

Insight #1
Working on your genealogy requires a level of attention to detail and direction. Write down notes about a particular ancestor before doing any research. A research log is a great way to do this. Click here to read more about logging your search process...

George 25 Aug 2010

Ruth Chappell and George Miller
Roosevelt, Utah 2002
Insight #2
I learned a valuable lesson about contacting new-found relatives.  I was excited to find new pieces of information that allowed me to contact a long-lost relative.

I had learned about my Aunt Ruth.  Ruth Margaret Hilkman Chappell.  She and her brother, George (my father) were adopted in 1930.  Their name changed to Miller.  Aunt Ruth married, became a Chappell.  She passed away in 2004.  The new found obitiary had important contact informion.  But was it too late? Click here to find out what happened...