Sunday, August 29, 2010

Your Family History In Records

Herbert C. Legg, George's Grandfather
What kind of information can you learn about your ancestors by reading public records and documents?
We have pieced together a story of George's grandfather, Herbert C. Legg, from his birth in LeRoy, New York to his death in Palm Springs, California, using information from census records, draft cards, news articles, obituaries and personal histories. 

Come on a quest with us and see what you can learn:

World War I Draft Card for Herbert C Legg.
We have uploaded a few of these public records on flickrClick here to view them as a slide show.  Please note, these are images of text documents, many of which are handwritten.  Zoom in with your web browser to get a closer look. Then click the right arrow at the top of the flickr page to go to the next image.

Can you find:
Public Service
Special Note: Can you find a census record that indicates a maid living in his residence? What might that indicate about the Legg family's status?
What do personal histories add to an ancestor's story?

Good Luck!  Post your findings in the comment section below. 

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