Saturday, August 21, 2010

Welcome to our new blog on Family History!

George and LaRee Miller of Park City, UT welcome you to our Family History Blog. 

Here's how we got started, George's story:
A few years ago I was getting quite ill and was lucky enough to have life-saving liver transplant.  Unfortunately, I had to retire from my job at the State Office of Education.  As I began the recovery process I found myself searching for something to do.  LaRee, my wife, remembered a old box of family papers and photos stored under her brother's stairs in his basement. 

What a surprise was waiting for us!  Over 2,000 names of ancestors were laying a thick layer of dust.  Photos, group records, histories, and handwritten stories were lying waiting for someone to bring them to life.  What a treasure!

LaRee and I began the journey of piecing together our family tree.  Today, we find ourselves serving a mission at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT.  We spend 16 hours a week helping others find their past as we find ours.  We have been blessed by this journey and find a personal connection to our generations past.  We have learned that our family's history, is America's history.  These names on a paper have become real people, who overcame unimaginable trials to provide their children...and us...with a better life.

We will share stories that we have found as well as our process in finding them.  We look forward to more discoveries to come and invite to join us along the way.

George and LaRee Miller

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