Monday, August 23, 2010

LaRee has some "Offshoots" of her own.

Carolyn LaRee Swain Miller  (LaRee) has quite a pioneer heritage in her family line.  Visit
Orville Hatch Swain Family Tree 2010

LaRee's genealogical interest started several years ago.  While helping her husband (George) recover from Liver Transplant surgery, they brought home a 50 pound box of genealogical papers from her brother's (Orvin) home.  It was loaded with pioneer stories, family group records, and lots of pictures of her ancestors.  They have spent the last two years putting it all together.  The stories and genealogy discovered have been a treasure beyond belief that has enlightened and benefitted their family. 

When you can, read the story of Orville and Ora Swain  They and their families were true pioneers whose legacy we all can marvel at!  See:  Orville Hatch Swain's Story.

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